Can Counseling Effectively Solve Your Problems?

We recently interviewed Michael from and asked him what his thoughts about counseling were. Surprisingly, he stated that it is needed for many people in life. You might be surprised about what he says next though…tulsa counseling

What Did Michael Say??

He said that 8 out of 10 people should go through counseling at one point or another in their life. The reason being is that so many people out there need help with certain situations because they are not accustomed to going through them. Often times people don’t have a support outlet to send their feelings. Because of the issues that they’re going through in life are the ones that are being creating with the people who are supposed to be their support systems.

What’s interesting is that he cites a study to back of this claim. You can see the study done from Oklahoma State here. You guys know that if there’s one thing I love about people when they’re trying to make a case for something it’s that they have to back off what they’re saying. So many people will just continually talking tell you how great they are, but we want to hear something that backs up how great you are.

I have gone through this so many times on this blog, so I’ll save you the reading.

What Can Be Learned From This?

You guys know I really love to have a take away section for each post that I make on here and in this case I think you should be taking away that in certain situations you should utilize counseling. Utilizing counseling could be a good way to save a lot of time and get out of a situation on top.

Michael is also the owner of

Online Money Making Tactics

Have you ever seen this?

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.12.09 PM

There is a reason that I posted this. The reason being is that you really need to find a way to make money because then you can meet cool hearts with hundred dollars bills like I have done above.

I’m really quickly going to go over some tactics that you can use in order to start making money from online. A lot of these tactics and ideas have come from a helpful youtube video.

1) Making a Website

The one tactic that is mostly discussed is that you’re going to put up a website and from that website you’re going to get people to come to it. When people come to their going to interact with the content and alternately you’re going to get them to purchase something off your website.

The cool thing about it does not it’s not like you actually sell something you can go so other people’s products. There are bunch of providers out there where you can go sign up with them and your videos about all the products within their inventory and they’re continuing to carry out all the sales for you.

So to put it all together you could have a website before coming to the website interacting with that content and then you’re going to have a link on your website. If the user clicks out link and it goes to a business that sells some sort of product that you’re promoting and that person buys that product, then you’re going to make commission from it.

2) Additional Methods

Of course there are some additional methods besides making a website. But the most people getting his have the most success with being able to make a website. This is something that is really crucial because you want to make sure that you’re putting up a website is going to be to generate a good amount of revenue. However, at certain times there are other ways that you can start to generate profit online. There’s another video from him, that deals with making money online. You can watch this below.

It’s a little bit too confusing for me, but I know that the methods are legit because this dude is awesome.

What do You Guys Think?

So there you have it. Those are some of the more recent ones. I am not sure what to think. But I’m gonna keep blogging about it for ya’ll.

My Story About Building Muscle the Healthy Way

This is a story that will be just dry as I will not try to say some made up stories how it changed the world for some friends of mine and in fact while writing about that I had dinner on my mind. So no story about phony friends will be told here. This story will be dry but true. As Hemingway said no story is good story unless it is true. The truth about muscle supplement and its good and bad sides will be expressed here as much as I know and I like to think I know a lot about muscle supplement. And that is because I am one of the analysts and researchers in a very prestigious lab which will not be named with the excuse of privacy.

I will anyhow assure you of the lab explaining some inventions of this lab. There are a lot of protein concentrates we made for sub Saharan countries where food is scarce and we need to feed as many as we could. There are a lot of NGOs working with our concentrated food in those areas where food is scarce and we kept up to the mark in our quality of concentrates. They are very happy with our product and they keep on coming. But this was just a CSR gimmick and we want to keep on the good. So for that reason we went on to make some commercial items and raise money to keep on the good work of feeding the third world population and keep them away from hunger circle and give them what their body needs. There are a lot other projects which are underway and needs funding. So muscle supplement is one of our attempts to commercialize the lab and raising funds for those projects.

Muscle supplement is something that helps you gain muscles. You probably are tired now of hearing this and you need some changes. First let’s focus on what is muscle. Is it changeable or can it be tweaked? Well answer is no. so what are we selling in the names of muscle supplement? Well muscle supplement is the balanced proper need in terms of food which is needed for growth and stability of tissues. In plain words it is just what you need to keep the body fit and in perfect shape. This is why people use a the B-Site.To save money. So we are selling nothing but a supplement that will help you get the portions of the food which you missed. I mean if you took lesser potassium that day with your meal then you are going to get it by taking the supplement. So muscle supplement is nothing just a help to keep you on track of building muscle.

David Baline Is Surprisingly Strong for The Stunts he Does

Have you heard the story of David Blaine? He is the world record holder for holding ones breath for the longest amount of time. He was underwater for seventeen minutes and four seconds. He was basically a magician. He lived in a coffin without any food drinking only water for a month. And the coffin was underground to. He pushed himself to the limits and kept on pushing.

He stood up on a three hundred feet tower in Chicago for two days and the tip of the tower did not have enough space for one man to stand up on both feet. He managed to stay there for two days. He also said that when up there he hallucinated hard. He hallucinated so much that all the building around him, the high rises of the city was animal head and they were howling. He liked beating or creating records. Just think about the coffin challenge. How many of the seven billion men of the world is going to do that. I don’t think we cannot find one in fifty million even. He was always up to the challenge. Living in a coffin for two weeks only with water, just try to imagine all the horrors he had to go through. The horror became his life then I suppose. All those bad tidings along with it, I don’t think I can ever do such things.

Then again another record he did was living in a glass box suspended from tower bridge of London. He lived in a glass box for two straight months with only water which the scientist thought was not possible. Every one of them thought he will withdraw and that he cannot do it past two weeks. Startling all of them he lived in that suspended glass box for two months.

The whacky Londoners flew around the box with helicopters showing him hamburgers to make him get out of the box but even after all the alluring of the food he persisted and got out after two months. When he came out he donated his blood samples to science to test the human survival puzzle.

When he thought of doing the breath holding record he looked for the previous owner of the title. The previous one was very well built man of height six feet nine inches. And he also had twice the lung capacity of a normal human being. He didn’t use the though.

So first he wanted to lose weight as David was a bulky overweight men going on with his mental strength till now. So he kept on losing weight and improved his lung capacity. He took his blood pressure down to 38 which was lower than most of the Olympic athletes. And with this conviction he is now holding the record. Previous was 16 minutes 30 seconds and he broke the record at seventeen minutes and four seconds.

Daily Supplements Can Help Your Body Greatly

There is a wise saying and now popularized by various social Medias and that saying is Ideas never die. There are movies and comic books about it which are very famous all around the earth. And to think it’s a very powerful line. We cannot fathom the stretch to which an idea can take one man to.

There is lots of adventurer who are venturing even further into the wilderness where no man has ever gone before just for the idea of seeing things that are new and pushing life to a great extent. So for the idea of pushing forward and creating and innovating mankind is where it is now. It is because of the idea of one man the law of gravity was enacted which is helping us in all sorts of way. The Lucusian professor of Royal Science Foundation of England Isaac Newton once in a contemplative mood found out the idea that is called gravity which was sequenced by the falling of an apple.

His idea that all the objects are attracting each other and the bigger the mass of an object is the bigger the force of attraction is the greatest discovery of human kind. This idea put an end to the long debate which started back in the times when Socrates and Aristotle were roaming the streets of Athens.

Aristotle just around then put out the theory that the earth is round and that’s it. He said earth is round through his power of observation. He said if the earth was flat why we see the mast head of a ship when we see it coming towards the harbor. Another example he gave was of mountains. If we look at the faraway mountains where there are mountains why do we see the tip of the mount first? It is because the earth is round. This idea was the changing factor of the observational sciences of era before Christ. The before Christ era was wholly revolutionized by it and many controversy began but as it was before the invention of church system the controversies didn’t end up bloody. So you see the powers of ideas are beyond any kind of comprehension of men.

If you really want to see the ideas in action then you should really get into YouTube and look at thousands of ted talks which are really refreshing and will help you replenish your dreams. No dream is small and a dream for any men around could be the growing of some muscle on the body for beauty and health purpose. Both are important in human life and with this small idea you can change a lot about you and the way people see you.

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